Gipo Farassino

  • Born: (Turin, Piedmont, Italy)
  • Died: (Turin, Piedmont, Italy) age 79

Giuseppe Farassino, called Gipo, was an Italian singer-songwriter, actor and politician.

Considered as one of the most valuable figures of the Italian songwriter song (as well as a leader of the Turin song), Gipo Farassino, was also an interpreter and author in the Piedmontese language. His songs, often tinged with ironic and poignant melancholy, are inspired by the French tradition as well as that of Italian author songs.

In the Piedmontese repertoire he often approached cabaret and humor: in his best years, he sang the miseries and nobility of ordinary people, the tribulations of the Turin "travet" and the mocking or unhappy loves to be consumed in the Parisian atmosphere and deeply French in the Piedmontese capital. Often he also brought to the fore compositions of great Piedmontese poets, such as Nino Costa and Angelo Brofferio and his career also boasts a prolific activity as a theater prose actor, always in the Piedmontese language, which began in 1970 with the company founded together with Massimo Scaglione.


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