Herbert Pagani

  • Born: (Tripoli, Libya)
  • Died: (Miami, Florida, USA) age 44

Herbert Avraham Haggiag Pagani was an Italian singer-songwriter, disc-jockey, poet, writer, sculptor, painter, and actor, popular in the sixties-seventies-eighties.

A Tripoli Jewish family, he spent part of his youth after the expulsion of the Jews from Libya in 1952, to Italy, Germany and France. He was an artist of multifaceted and multifaceted activity, able to express himself both in Italian and in French.

A convinced ecologist and pacifist, from the 1970s he had only partially abandoned the world of song to found one of the first "multimedia projects" (the "Megalopolis"), recording some "progressive" albums and also dedicating himself to political activity.


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