Central Cinema Company Film (CCC)

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CCC-Film (Central Cinema Company) is a German film production company founded by Artur Brauner in Berlin in 1946.

On September 16, 1946, Brauner founded the Central Cinema Comp.-Film GmbH together with Joseph Einstein with a share capital of 21,000 Reichsmarks. Einstein left the company just two months later and Brauner became the sole shareholder.

The CCC acquired the site of a chemical weapons testing facility in Berlin-Haselhorst in 1950 and used the existing premises for film production. By the end of the 1950s, five more halls had been built there. The site thus became one of the most modern film studios in Europe. Television broadcasters from the USA took advantage of these opportunities and regularly produced programs there.

At the beginning of the 1970s, Brauner closed his studios and fired the last 85 remaining employees. The studios still exist and are still in operation under the name Filmatelier Haselhorst. Instead of continuous film production, Brauner focused on individual projects with the CCC.

Since mid-2015, Artur Brauner's daughter Alice has been responsible for the renovation of the CCC film studios in Haselhorst. The dark red facade color can already be seen from afar.


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