Land Rover

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Land Rover is a trademark of British automaker Jaguar Land Rover. It was created in 1978 from the Land Rover SUV series manufactured by Rover from 1948. The main plant is located in Solihull, England.

In 1966, Rover became part of the state merger of British vehicle manufacturers into British Leyland. In 1978 Land Rover became a separate company within the Jaguar-Rover-Triumph group.

In 1994 it was first sold to the German car manufacturer BMW. From 2000, the company belonged to the Premier Automotive Group of the American Ford group, which sold it to the Indian Tata group in March 2008.

On December 28, 2012, the business of Land Rover Private Unlimited Company was transferred to Jaguar Cars Limited and was renamed Jaguar Land Rover Limited. The Land Rover Private Unlimited Company continues to exist, the brand names will continue to be managed separately.


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