Gloria Filmverleih

  • Founded: (Munich, Bavaria, West Germany)
  • Sold: (Munich, Bavaria, West Germany)

Ilse Kubaschewski (nickname: "Cuba") received one of the first rental licenses in 1949 from the Allies. Together with Ludwig Waldleitner, she founded the Gloria film distribution. Waldleitner left the company in 1951 and founded Roxy-Film. Gloria entered into an exclusive contract with the US studio Republic Pictures, which is known for its series and cheap films. The Gloria soon began to participate in the production of films (with the production company Divina, founded in 1953). In production and distribution, Gloria relied on genre goods from the start. In particular, the home film wave in the early 1950s was a constant source of income. Still involved in the Edgar Wallace and Karl May films of the 1960s and the soft porn and Pennäler films of the early 1970s, Gloria Filmverleih was sold to UIP in 1973.


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