Tomas Milian

  • Born: (Cuba) Havana
  • Died: (United States) Miami, Florida (age 84)

Tomas Milian, pseudonym of Tomás Quintín Rodríguez was an Cuban actor, screenwriter and singer with US citizenship naturalized Italian since 1959 (the year of his debut in Italy), known above all as the protagonist of policemen at the turn of the seventies and eighties.

In Italy, with the unmistakable voice loaned to him by Ferruccio Amendola, he is often identified with two characters. The first, Nico Giraldi, is a police sergeant (from 1981 inspector), Roman by the not so polite but effective ways, who knows well the underworld having been part of it in his youth with the nickname "er Pirata". The second, Sergio Marazzi alias er Monnezza, is a Roman petty thief.


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