Georges C. Stilly

  • Born: (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • Died: (Baden, Aargau, Switzerland) (age 88)

Georges C. Stilly, also Georg Stilianudis, (born: Jurij Konstantinovi─Ź Stylianudis) was a Greek-Russian cameraman and film producer.

After studying electrical engineering and architecture in St. Petersburg, he directed the Soviet weekly film show. He filmed with Leonid Trauberg and Sergei Eisenstein and was mainly engaged in French and Italian films because of his skilful exterior shots.

Stefan Markus brought him to Switzerland in 1940, where he participated in several films despite the lack of a work permit. After the war, Georges C. Stilly remained loyal to his host country and worked successfully with Kurt Fr├╝h in the so-called petty bourgeois films.

In 1929 he married Vera Boukina.


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