Maurizio Corgnati

  • Born: (Maglione, Turin, Piedmont, Italy)
  • Died: (Turin, Piedmont, Italy) age 74

Maurizio Corgnati, was born in Maglione, a very small Italian municipality of 424 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Turin, in a beloved house-museum where he would later retire, after having cut the cord with the world of entertainment, and where he spent his last days of life.

The television director and, Milva's ex-husband, was endowed with an eclectic talent, even if he simply liked to call himself "a good broom player and a great cook". Before moving on to directing, he had directed two films ("The two truths" with Michel Simone in '53 and "Public opinion" with Daniel Gel├Čn, Delia Scala and Carlo Campanini in '54), obtaining some critical acclaim.

The meeting with Milva took place on the evening of the New Year's Eve 1960, during the recording of one of his television programs on the Rai in Turin, "Four steps in the clouds". He was already an established director and a leading figure in the Turin culture (in '39 he had also been arrested for spreading Justice and Liberty leaflets and had spent as a partisan). She was only sixteen and came from Goro, a small village lost in the Comacchio Valleys, she sang in the dance halls and walked barefoot, unable to bear shoes. Despite everything, they fell in love and got married. The wedding with Milva was also a professional partnership: it lasted from '61 to '69 and ended in a stormy way, when Milva met on the scenes of the "Ruzante", a young actor, Mario Piave.


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