Allied Artists Pictures

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Allied Artists Pictures Corporation started life as a subsidiary of Monogram Pictures that was established in 1946 as an outlet for films with more well-known cast members and higher budgets than films that Monogram Pictures produced. Monogram Pictures continued to produce "B" movies through 1952, while the studio's special attractions were released as Allied Artists Productions. In 1953, the company dropped the Monogram name and functioned as a single entity, Allied Artists Pictures Corporation. The studio it met with financial catastrophe and filed for bankruptcy in 1979. Lorimar Motion Pictures purchased the former Allied Artists Pictures Corporation film library in 1980. With Warner Communications (now Time Warner) purchasing Lorimar-Telepictures in 1989, most of the Allied Artists Pictures Corporation library (including some Monogram Pictures films) became owned by Warner Bros. Pictures.The name Allied Artists Pictures Corporation continues to be used as the name of a film distribution and production company owned by an entertainment company called Allied Artists International (who was formed by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation in 1971 as Allied Artists Records before becoming a separate company and eventually acquiring the trademarks to the Allied Artists name).


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