Gerd Martienzen

  • Born: (Oostende, Belgium)
  • Died: (Grafrath. Bavaria, West Germany) (age 70)

Gerd Martienzen (Born: Gerhard Martienzen) was a Belgian-German actor and voice actor. He is best known as the voice actor for the films by Louis de Funès.

Gerd Martienzen was the son of a German father and a Belgian mother. At the age of three, Martienzen, who until then had only spoken French, came to Berlin, his father's home. There he attended the drama school of the Prussian State Theater and appeared after the war at the Hebbel Theater and at the Freie Volksbühne.

In the 1950s he played supporting roles in several films, where due to his language skills he was mostly cast as a Frenchman.
At the same time he also started working as a voice actor.

His blindness led to Gerd Martienzen retiring from his profession in 1977. His grave is in the Zehlendorf forest cemetery. His children Wolf and Marion (also known as Marion Marlon) also became actors and voice actors.


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