Ernesto Bonino

  • Born: (Turin, Piedmont, Italy)
  • Died: (Milan, Lombardy, Italy)

Ernesto Bonino was born in Turin in 1922 and soon starts working to help support the family. His career started on the premises of his hometown in the late 1930s. At that time, Turin was a very lively environment from a musical point of view: even Fred Buscaglione took his first steps performing in the night.Ernesto Bonino got an audition at EIAR thanks to the maestro Carlo Prato, who had already launched the Trio Lescano and his radio debut took place, with great success, on January 5, 1941

In the 1940s Ernesto Bonino, endowed with a natural crooner setting, which made him a sort of Italian BingCrosby, was nicknamed "Mister Swing" and rivaled in popularity only with Natalino Otto and Alberto Rabagliati. In 1947 Ernesto Bonino left for a long tour in Latin America: Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba. Paired with Tina De Mola conquers Havana with the song Chinito chinita.

n 1952 he moved to the United States, where he made his dream of singing jazz classics come true in the best clubs in New York, Chicago and Miami.
Ernesto Bonino participates only once in the Sanremo Song Contest 1962, placing himself in third place with the song Gondolì, Gondolà written by the couple Carosone-Nisa. After the Festival, Carosone hired him for his show, which he took around Europe on a very successful tour following which, however, his popularity was extinguished.

In 1986 he lost his voice following an operation and in December 2000 the Italian state awarded him a lifetime allowance under the Bacchelli Law.


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