Ian Yule

  • Born: (United Kingdom)

Ian Yule is a British born South African actor and former soldier. He had a film career that commenced in the late 1960s and lasted to around the early to mid 2000s. Many of the roles he has played are that of a soldier. He was also a stuntman in a few films. He also was a screenwriter and wrote some screen plays. He was a well known actor in South Africa.

Ian Yule was born in the UK some time before the second world war. During his career he was a member of the British Army's Royal Artillery, Parachute Regiment and Special Air Service and served in the Korean War, taking part in the Battle of Inchon and Battle of Chosin Reservoir, and later served in the Rhodesian Security Forces and South African Defence Force as well as serving as a mercenary in Mad Mike Hoare's outfit. As an actor in the action genre he was recognised for his accomplishments.


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