Salvatore Adamo

  • Born: (Comiso, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy)

Salvatore Adamo is a Belgian musician, singer and composer of Italian origin.

In the early 1960s, Adam participated in a Radio Luxembourg radio competition, winning the final in Paris and began to perform presenting his first songs, written in French, characterized by an interesting melodic vein, the result of the encounter between the Italian tradition and the transalpine songwriting tradition.

The first success came in 1963 with Sans toi ma mie (You are here with me). He then moved to Paris where he recorded his debut album: "63/64" with "Tombe la neige" and "Vous consentz, Monsieur?" who arrived first in France for four weeks in 1964, in the Netherlands and Belgium for eleven weeks, making him a world celebrity. In 1965 La Nuit arrived first for eleven weeks in France and third in Belgium while Mes Mains Sur Tes Hanches first for eleven weeks in France and second in Belgium.

He begins to publish his records also in Italy, collecting success here too.
He also recorded the song Dolce Paola dedicated to Paola Ruffo of Calabria, future queen of Belgium, of whom the singer-songwriter it is said that he was in love, arriving in 1964 in first position in Flanders in Belgium and fifth in the Netherlands. In 1968 with Affida una lacrima al vento (Accroche une larme aux nuages), he won the Festivalbar and took 1st place in the hit parade.

Until today, Adamo has sold over 100 million records worldwide. According to statistics he is at the top of sales in Belgium, and among the best 100 in the world. In this list besides him there are only 4 other French-speaking artists: Tino Rossi, Charles Aznavour, Dalida and Johnny Halliday.

Although he has practically always lived in Belgium, he has never given up on Italian nationality, both for a sense of duty towards his father and for the legal impossibility of having dual nationality in Belgium. In 2010 the law is changed and he can start the practice to obtain dual nationality. He still lives in Uccle, near Brussels.


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