Ornella Vanoni

  • Born: (Milan, Lombardy, Italy)

Ornella Vanoni is an Italian singer and actress.

She is one of the Italian artists with the longest career: active since 1956, she is considered among the greatest interpreters of Italian pop music.

Equipped with a unique and sophisticated interpretative style as well as a highly recognizable vocal timbre, which characterize her strong artistic personality, Ornella Vanoni boasts a large and multifaceted repertoire, which ranges from the Songs of the Mala of the beginning to the bossa nova (historical realization together with Toquinho and Vinícius de Moraes from the album La voglia la pazzia l'incoscienza l'allegria in 1976) and jazz, with particular attention to Italian writer's song.

During her long career, she participated in eight editions of the Sanremo Song Contest, reaching 2nd place in 1968 (Casa bianca) and placing herself three times in 4th place, in 1967 (La musica è finita), in 1970 ( Eternità) and in 1999 (Alberi): in this last edition, Ornella Vanoni was the first artist in the history of the Festival to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also the only woman and the first artist ever to have won two Tenco Awards (only Francesco Guccini has been awarded twice after her), and the only Italian singer to have obtained this recognition as a songwriter. She also won a Targa Tenco, which overall brings the number of awards awarded to her by the Tenco Club to three.


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