• Born: (São Paulo, SP, Brazil)

Toquinho, pseudonym of Antonio Pecci Filho, is a Brazilian guitarist and singer of Italian origins.

The artist grew up in the musical atmosphere of the fifties when the experiments of the pianist Johnny Alf and the singers Dick Farney and Lúcio Alves flourished. The germs of bossa nova developed alongside them, thanks to the contributions, among others, of João Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes, Ronaldo Bôscoli, Roberto Menescal, Carlos Lyra, Baden Powell.

After learning to play the guitar under the guidance of the virtuoso instrumentalist and composer Paulinho Nogueira, not yet twenty years old he decided to pursue his musical career after meeting Chico Buarque de Hollanda. In the mid-sixties, Toquinho made his debut as a composer writing Lua Cheia and came into contact with the artistic and intellectual environment that had gathered in Rio de Janeiro, and there he had the opportunity to grow culturally and musically thanks to the collaborations with the artists that some year before they had created the innovative sound. The meeting that marked his career took place in 1969; Toquinho befriended the poet Vinicius de Moraes and joined him in a long-lasting artistic partnership.


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