Jula De Palma

  • Born: (Milan, Lombardy, Italy)

Jula de Palma, stage name of Iolanda Maria Palma, is an Italian singer of pop and jazz music.

Jula de Palma, a very successful singer and lady of Italian jazz, made her debut on the radio at a very young age and was the first voice to intone the notes of a song to the newborn Italian TV live. In the first phase of his career he recorded numerous songs in French, sings with the famous "rhythmic string orchestra" of Lelio Luttazzi and is the solo voice of the Band of Carlo Loffredo and of the orchestra of Corni Kramer.

She took part in several editions of the Sanremo Song Contest between 1955 and 1961; the song that remains inextricably linked to her name is Tua, presented at the 1959 Festival, which thanks to a memorable performance will be rewarded by the juries and loved by the public, but will be submerged by controversy due to an interpretation deemed too sensual by rigidity RAI officials and some bigoted press.


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