Riccardo Miniggio

  • Born: (Turin, Piedmont, Italy)

Riccardo Miniggio, better known as Ric, is an Italian actor and comedian.

His name is linked above all to the comic duo Ric and Gian, who was active mainly in the period 1962-1987.

In 1962, during a show as a fantasist dancer at the Maffei theater in Via Principe Tommaso in Turin, he met a young Gian Fabio Bosco, an actor who grew up in Genoa, first returning from theatrical performances with his mother, Anna Caroli and his father Sergio Bosco (in art Sergio Fosco), in the company of Gilberto Govi, then, alone, in that of Gino Bramieri and, in that period, with that of Mario Ferrero. The result was a friendship and an artistic partnership. The duo began acting in comic performances first in the clubs of Turin and Genoa, then gradually in other cities, with the nickname "Jerry and Fabio". A few years later, they will change the name of the duo to Ric and Gian, achieving the greatest professional successes.


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