Тамара Мурина


Born on March 17, 1946.

A graduate of the studio at the Central Children's Theater, which she graduated in 1967 and played in the troupe of this theater for two seasons. In 1969, V.Pluchek invited Tamara Murin to the troupe of the Theater of Satire for the role of the Kid. Probably, the actress should have entered the Guinness Book of Records - she does not hide that for nearly thirty-five years she played a little boy and finished playing when she was fifty-eight years old. For many years her role was travesty, hence the roles that the actress wonderfully played: Tommy in Peppy Longstocking, daughter in Zatyukanny Apostol, Nastya in The Last Parade, Lyuba in Phenomena, etc. One of the best roles in The repertoire of the actress is Young Fanshetta in the legendary play Mad Day, or the Marriage of Figaro, the work that was called the reference one. Heroine Murina - feminine, with a lively charm and charm. One of the last successes of the actress is the priestess of love. Panacea in the performance “Freedom for love ?!”

Honored Artists of Russia (2003).


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