Fausto Leali

  • Born: (Nuvolento, Brescia, Lombardy, Italy)

Fausto Leali is an Italian singer-songwriter characterized by a characteristic vocality that has earned him the nickname 'nero bianco'.

Among his greatest hits are A chi (1967), Deborah (1968), Angeli negri (1968), Io camminerò (1976), Io amo (1987), Mi manchi (1988) and Ti lascerò (1989).

From the collaboration with Mogol (started with the adaptation in Italian of A chi in 1967), author of the texts, the album project Amore dolce, amore amaro, amore mio was born in 1975, released for the CBS label. In this year he was part of the Italian national singers, led by Mogol.


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