Robert Firth

  • Born: (United States)

Robert Firth was born in Philadelphia in 1960.

In addition to his writing and directing, Robert is also a pop art and voice over artist, and lives in London and Los Angeles. Notable roles include; Machiavellian CEO Michael Gorse in director Tom Shankland's mind-bending mystery The City & The City; earnest lead detective Lt. Charles Scherer in Tom Keeling's award winning debut feature The Head Hunter, and avuncular orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Stillwell in Oliver Stone's controversial biopic Snowden.

Over the years, Firth has collaborated as both an actor and writer on dozens of student film projects throughout the Greater London area. They include: London Film School, Ravensbourne University, Central Film School, The Met Film School, Goldsmiths University and Bournemouth Film School.


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