Enzo Tortora

  • Born: (Genoa, Liguria, Italy)
  • Died: (Milan, Lombardy, Italy) age 59

Enzo Claudio Marcello Tortora was a television presenter, television author, radio presenter, actor, journalist and Italian politician.

Among his most important works on television are the conduction of La Domenica Sportiva and the conception and conduct of the successful Portobello program.

His name is also remembered for a sensational case of ill-justice which he suffered and which was later called "Tortora case". Tortora was accused, at the request of prosecutors Francesco Cedrangolo and Diego Marmo, by the investigating judge, the magistrate Giorgio Fontana, of serious crimes, to which he was later totally unrelated, on the basis of accusations made by subjects from criminal contexts; on 17 June 1983 he was arrested and charged with the Camorra association and drug trafficking. After 7 months of imprisonment, in January 1984 he was released, but on 17 September 1985 the two prosecutors of the trial, Lucio Di Pietro and Felice di Persia, sentenced him to ten years in prison. His innocence was demonstrated and recognized on September 15, 1986, when he was finally acquitted definitively by the Court of Appeal of Naples.

During this period, Tortora was elected MEP for the Radical Party, of which he also became president.


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