Corrado Mantoni

  • Born: (Rome, Lazio, Italy)
  • Died: (Rome, Lazio, Italy) age 74

Corrado, originally Corrado Mantoni, was an Italian television presenter, television author and radio host.

He left his signature, both as a presenter and as an author, on many of the most memorable Italian television programs starting from the fifties, becoming a fixed and familiar presence on the small screen and one of the most loved TV characters ever. He is therefore considered one of the founding fathers of television in Italy, together with Mike Bongiorno and Raimondo Vianello.

Before being on television, he was very active on radio (in fact he is considered the first official conductor of Italian radio), where he worked for over forty years, becoming here also one of the most popular and appreciated characters (for example he was the one who announced historical events like the end of the Second World War or the victory of the republic in the referendum of June 2, 1946).

He performed, albeit with less intensity, also the activity of actor and voice actor, in the wake of his older brother Riccardo, with whom for years he also shared the pseudonym Corima (obtained from the initials of their names and surname, later used only by Corrado ), with whom he signed many of his most famous radio and television shows.


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