• Born: (Forlì, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
  • Died: (Forlì, Emilia-Romagna, Italy) age 52

Marf, pseudonym of Mario Bonavita, was a lyricist, composer and Italian musician, known for several of his songs, such as the famous Bombolo. The pseudonym derives from "MARIO da Forlì" (MAR + F).

Pharmacy student, after graduating in 1921 in pharmaceutical chemistry, Mario went to manage a pharmacy in 1926 in via del Broletto; but his passion for music drove him to devote himself more and more to the composition that until then had been only a pastime.

In the Milanese city he met the most important authors and composers of the Italian music scene very early and, starting around 1928, he established a particular partnership first with the eclectic artist Paolo Bernard and then, above all, with the composer Vittorio Mascheroni. He devoted himself passionately to the composition of texts, but also melodies, without disdaining the activity of singer. In fact, he had a beautiful voice, warm and ironic, which allowed him to record some songs and even a record as an interpreter in Paris, where he often stayed. Mario played the piano discreetly, by ear since he only knew approximately the music written on the staff.

His songs were interpreted by artists such as the Trio Lescano, Carlo Buti, Lydia Johnson, Daniele Serra, Renzo Mori, Giacomo Osella, Miscel, Vittorio De Sica, Milly, Fernando Orlandis, Franco Lary, Mistinguett, Lys Gauty, Tino Rossi, etc. . with the conducting of Cinico Angelini, Pippo Barzizza, Dino Olivieri, Stefano Ferruzzi, Eugenio Mignone, Nino Piccinelli. During his career he composed about 150 songs in addition to a few dozen unreleased songs.


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