Vito Pallavicini

  • Born: (Vigevano, Pavia, Lombardy, Italy)
  • Died: (Vigevano, Pavia, Lombardy, Italy) age 83

Vito Pallavicini was an italian lyricist and producer.

Among the many collaborations, Pallavicini, together with Enrico Intra, Paolo Conte and Mansueto Deponti, wrote in 1967, for Giusy Romeo (better known later as Giuni Russo), the French jazz song No love, with which he will participate in partnership with Sacha Distel. at the Sanremo Festival 1968, but not finishing in the final.

He has collaborated with various great Italian artists: we can remember Toto Cutugno, Patty Pravo, Nicola Di Bari, Fred Bongusto, Betty Curtis, Edoardo Vianello, Carmen Villani.


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