Alberto Testa

  • Born: (Santos, São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Died: (Rome, Lazio, Italy) age 82

Alberto Testa was an Italian lyricist, television author, singer and composer.

He was one of the most important Italian lyricists, author of the lyrics of about one thousand five hundred songs, including many great evergreen hits of pop music, such as Quando quando quando, on music by Tony Renis (which made it a worldwide success), Un anno d'amore in collaboration with Mogol (cover of a song by Nino Ferrer) for Mina, Innamorati a Milano and Io ti darò di più on music by Memo Remigi (the second brought to success by Ornella Vanoni and Orietta Berti), Grande grande grande, still on music by Tony Renis (brought to success by Mina and in the English version by Shirley Bassey) and many others.


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