Luigi Tenco

  • Born: (Cassine, Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy)
  • Died: (Sanremo, Imperia, Liguria, Italy) age 28

Luigi Tenco was an Italian singer-songwriter, actor, poet, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Together with De André, Lauzi, Paoli, Bindi, Calabrese, the Reverberi brothers and others, he was one of the exponents of the so-called "Genoese school", a group of artists who deeply renewed Italian light music since the 1960s. He is considered, by most of the critics, one of the greatest Italian singer-songwriters of all time.

His death, which took place at the age of 29 in a Sanremo hotel during the 1967 edition of the Italian Song Festival, was, for a long time, wrapped in a veil of mystery. In 2006 the initial suicide hypothesis was confirmed.


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