Gian Fabio Bosco

  • Born: (Florence, Tuscany, Italy)
  • Died: (Lavagna, Genoa, Liguria, Italy) age 73

Gian Fabio Bosco, better known as Gian, was an Italian actor and comedian.

His name is linked above all to the comic duo Ric and Gian, who was active mainly in the period 1962-1987.

At seventeen he started acting with Gilberto Govi , with whom years later he will participate in the television recording of the famous comedy Maneggi per maritare una figlia (1959). He soon began working with many other companies, including that of Gino Bramieri and that of director Mario Ferrero.

It is precisely by working with the comedian that, in 1962, he met Riccardo Miniggio in Turin, at the Maffei, a well-known theater of the time in via Principe Tommaso, who performed in the club as a fantasist dancer: the two have the idea of form a comic duo, and taking advantage of their knowledge they begin to perform first of all in the clubs of Genoa and Turin and in a short time in the other cities of northern Italy, with the name Jerry and Fabio. In a short time they also managed to get a writing in France, at Crazy Horse, where their sketch, The striptease, based mainly on mimicry, was particularly successful, in which they interpret two clumsy jugglers who try to get success by mixing acrobatic games with strip tease . It is precisely this scene that impresses the film producer and publisher Angelo Rizzoli who hires them to shoot the film Ischia Operazione Amore, which will be released in theaters in 1966: it is he who changes their stage name from Jerry and Fabio to Ric and Gian .


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