Carlo Taranto

Carlo Taranto (Naples, 18 October 1921 - Naples, 4 April 1986) was an Italian actor, often in the role of a character with his brother Nino both at the cinema and in the theater.
He began his career immediately after the Second World War with the help of his older brother, with the film I pompieri di Viggiù (1949), then appeared in over 100 films together with the great of Italian cinema (Totò, Vittorio De Sica, Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Alberto Sordi), playing roles of character especially in comedies and musicarelli. Among his most tasteful interpretations is to remember that in Il Medico e lo stregone (1957, directed by Mario Monicelli) and the football coach called "lo stregone" in the film Il Presidente del Borgorosso Football Club. Carlo Taranto was also active in theatrical field, as interpreter of the comedies of Scarpetta, Viviani and De Filippo. For television he appeared, among other things in the 1967 television drama La Fiera delle vanità; his son Corrado is in turn an actor. He died on 4 April 1986 a month after his elder brother Nino following internal bleeding.


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