Jerry Calà

  • Born: (Catania, Sicily, Italy)

Jerry Calà, pseudonym of Calogero Alessandro Augusto Calà, is an Italian actor, director, comedian, screenwriter and singer.

Component of the comedy group I Gatti di Vicolo Miracoli at the dawn of his career, he reached definitive popularity in the eighties interpreting numerous successful comedies and becoming part of the best known faces of the Italian comedy of the time.

He also ventured into some dramatic roles collaborating with Gian Luigi Polidoro (Sottozero, written by Rodolfo Sonego), Pupi Avati (the opening episode of Sposi) and Marco Ferreri, winning the Gotha Prize under of the Italian Critics for Best Actor at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1993, for his performance in Diario di un vizio.


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