Ferruccio Amendola

  • Born: (Turin, Piedmont, Italy)
  • Died: (Rome, Lazio, Italy) age 71

Ferruccio Amendola was an Italian actor and voice actor.

He was among Italy’s most accomplished actors who worked for cinema and television and also did extensive voice dubbing work.

n 1945, Amendola made his voice-over debut dubbing over Vito Annicchiarico’s role in the film Rome, Open City. By 1968, Amendola began devoting most of his time to voice-over acting and eventually became well known as an Italian voice dubbing pioneer.
He was best known as the Italian voice of famous actors including Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro and Tomas Milian in a majority of their movies. He also dubbed Peter Falk as well as Bill Cosby in the television series The Cosby Show as well as Cosby. In addition, he has done the voice over in commercials and TV dramas with great success.


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