Mara Berni

  • Born: (Italy)

Mara Berni, stage name of Mara Bernasconi (June 12, 1932 Brunate, Lombardy, Italy), is an Italian actress.

Actress with grace and ease, she was too often relegated to the role of "fatal woman", even in a comic key, and it can be rightly said that she was not exploited to the best of her ability. From the mid-sixties she left the screen, but sometimes worked for television, both acting in screened novels, where we remember the short but intense and moving part of Cecilia's mother in "I promessi sposi" by Sandro Bolchi (1967) , and also by participating in variety programs (it was made a fair tribute to her beauty when she was chosen to play the part of the goddess Venus in the brilliant musical show Biblioteca di Studio Uno by Antonello Falqui, with the Quartetto Cetra, in the episode dedicated to the Odyssey ) until the late 1980s.


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