Nanni Svampa

  • Born: (Milan, Lombardy, Italy)
  • Died: (Varese, Lombardy, Italy) age 79

Giovanni "Nanni" Svampa was an Italian singer, writer and actor, founder of the musical and comedy group I Gufi.

During the university period, in 1959, he approached the musical world, founding, and participating as a voice and guitar, the group I soliti Idioti. The playful nature of the first stage adventures came to a halt in 1960, when Svampa began to listen and appreciate Georges Brassens' performances. In 1961, enlisted in the military service, with the time available, he began to translate Brassens, from French to the Milanese dialect. This continuous exercise of learning dialectal expressions will bring him very close to Lombardy's popular songs and musical traditions.


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