Pino Caruso

  • Born: (Palermo, Sicily, Italy)
  • Died: (Sacrofano, Rome, Lazio, Italy) age 84

Pino Caruso, born Giuseppe Caruso, was an Italian actor and writer.

He began in Sicily as a dramatic actor, making his debut at the Piccolo Teatro in Palermo on March 16, 1957 with a short role in Luigi Pirandello's Il giuoco delle parti.

In 1965 he moved to Rome and moved to Il Bagaglino cabaret (1965-1967). In 1967 he also made his Bagaglino debut at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan with the show Pane al Pino and Pino al Pino by Castellacci e Pingitore. In 1968 Rai baptized the first of his numerous television appearances, writing him for the transmission of varieties Che Domenica Amici, for which he holds a weekly column: "Diario siculo". Followed by, among others, The Friends of Sunday (1970), Canzonissima (1971), Teatro 10 (1971-1972), and Dove sta Zazà di Castellacci, Pingitore and Falqui (1973). In 1975 he participated in Mazzabubù (Rai Uno), also by Castellani and Pingitore, directed by Falqui, in which he presented "Come and have a coffee with us", a satirical monologue on the mafia that gives him particular popularity. Caruso is also among the first artists to affirm the Sicilian language on Italian television and in some commercials.

In the meantime he continues his theatrical commitment, interpreting Il don Giovanni involontario by Vitaliano Brancati for the Teatro Stabile in Catania, while from 1970 until the nineties Caruso toured Italy for various seasons with two shows that also saw him author of the texts, Conversation of an ordinary man, and The Northern Question. Still in the theater, he directs I love you at the Teatro dell'Orologio in Rome.

Pino Caruso since 1969 has written numerous books, ranging between various genres. Particularly noteworthy are the collection of poems The silence of the last night (publisher Flaccovio), and the collection of aphorisms, stories and reasoning. I belong to a generation that has yet to be born, published by Rai-Eri-mondadori- already at the second reprint after the success of the first.


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