Dirch Passer

  • Born: (Denmark) Copenhagen
  • Died: (Denmark) Copenhagen

Full name: Dirch Hartvig Passer

Danish actor and comedian, born 18 May 1926 in Copenhagen, Denmark, died 3 September 1980 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Stands as perhaps the greatest comic actor in Danish film and theater. Acted in aprox. 100 films, starring in most, throughout his career. An essential part of it was spent in collaboration with Kjeld Petersen, who's death in 1962 affected Passer deeply - as portrayed in the 2011 biopic "Dirch"
Married 1950 to 1956 to actress Sigrid Horne Rasmussen, mother of of Dorthe Passer, later spouse of actress Judy Gringer. In 1963 he became spouse of illustrator Hanne Bjerre, mother of Josefine Passer.


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