Enzo Jannacci

  • Born: (Milan, Lombardy, Italy)
  • Died: (Milan, Lombardy, Italy) age 77

Enzo Jannacci, born Vincenzo Jannacci, was a singer-songwriter, stand-up comedian, pianist, composer, actor, screenwriter and Italian doctor, among the main protagonists of the Italian post-war music scene.

Head of the Italian cabaret, during his more than fifty years of career he has collaborated with various personalities of Italian music, entertainment, journalism, television and comedy, becoming a multifaceted artist and model for subsequent generations of comedians and songwriters.

Author of almost thirty albums, some of which represent important chapters of Italian discography, of various soundtracks and of songs for other artists (the best known Cochi & Renato), Enzo Jannacci, after a period of shadow in the second half of the nineties, he went back to being talked about obtaining various career awards and recognitions for his latest record works.

He is remembered as one of the pioneers of Italian rock and roll, together with Adriano Celentano, Luigi Tenco, Little Tony and Giorgio Gaber, with whom he formed the Due Corsari. He is one of the artists with the highest number of awards from the Tenco Club, with four Plaques and a Tenco Award.


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