I Vocalmen

The Vocalmen were an Italian musical group.

In 1969 the Vocalmen were chosen for the Italian record version of Jesus Christ Superstar in collaboration with Nora Orlandi (choristers), the Italian text translated and written by Herbert Pagani, but the disc was censored by a commission in Rome because it was deemed blasphemous; the group still records the Italian version of the main song, Superstar.

They are then hired by Garinei and Giovannini, becoming not only singers and musicians but also actors of the show. Bankers also have a soul with Gino Bramieri, Valeria Valeri, Paola Tedesco and Franco Cremonini in the 1977-1978 season and in the following two, also participating the realization of the album published by CAM and edited by Berto Pisano; with Bramieri the professional relationship also continues in the Summer together show.


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