Luisa Bixio

  • Born: (Argenteuil, Île-de-France, France)
  • Died: age 72

Luisa Bixio (born Luisa (Luigia) Amorosi) was an Italian actress, singer and dancer.

At the end of the war, she became part of the first forward and revue companies until she landed as a dancer in a row and soubrettina in important companies such as Tino Scotti, Fanfulla, Macario etc.

In 1950 she was hired in a foresight company with head chef Giorgio Bixio where she started as a dancer in a row and thanks to her skill also in acting and in singing she soon became soubrette with the name of Luisette d'Argenteuil. Soon the artistic partnership with Giorgio Bixio also became sentimental from which his son Riziero was born. The sentimental partnership lasted for 34 years until Bixionon passed away in 1984. Among Luisa's collaborations (between theater, cinema and TV) there are names such as Gino Bramieri (Felicibumta with the Giovannini and Garinei company), Vittorio Gassman (Il mattatore), Walter Chiari, Mario Carotenuto, Enrico Montesano (Bravo! and Fantastico '88), The flag sisters (Carousel 77), Mondaini and Vianello, Leo Gullotta & Rosa Comics (Taffeta), Paolo Villaggio (What a pleasure to have you here), Valeria Valeri (Cherie), Paola Tedesco etc. Etc.


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