Jenny Luna

  • Born: (Rome, Lazio, Italy)

Jenny Luna, stage name of Maria Clotilde Troili (March 27, 1934 Rome, Lazio, Italy), is an Italian pop music singer, active especially in the fifties and sixties.

Elementary teacher, she starts as a jazz singer performing as a hobby; is noticed during a performance by the members of the Second Roman New Orleans Jazz Band, entering for some time as a solo voice of the orchestra.

In 1955 she began her solo career with the pseudonym Tilde Natil, always as a jazz singer, who will change in 1957 with that of Jenny Luna during a tour in Lebanon with the orchestra of Romano Frigieri, former saxophonist in the orchestra of Maestro Angelini, and who she will later become her husband.

She later changed her repertoire by making her debut as Jenny Luna in 1958 (after obtaining a record deal with the CAR Juke Box of her discoverer Carlo Alberto Rossi), adopting a modern style similar to that of the screamers. Her greatest success is Alzo la vela (1960), a typical summer song.


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