Jim Caviezel

  • Born: (Mount Vernon, Washington, United States)

James Patrick Caviezel, called Jim, is an American actor.

In 1990, he auditioned for a part in the independent film Belli e dannati (1991). He won a very small role as a foreign airline clerk after he told casting agents that he was a recent Italian immigrant. The following year, Jim moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a waiter between auditions. He landed small roles in La notte dell'imbroglio (1992) and Wyatt Earp (1994) and guest starring roles on The Wonder Years (1988) and La signora in giallo (1984). He continued to go relatively unnoticed in small roles and even thought about quitting acting until 1998 when he received critical recognition for his role as idealist Private Witt in La sottile linea rossa (1998). The following year, he gained further recognition with roles in Cavalcando col diavolo (1999) and Frequency - Il futuro รจ in ascolto (2000). In 2001, his role as Jennifer Lopez's love interest in Angel Eyes - Occhi d'angelo (2001) helped to establish him as a versatile actor and leading man. It wasn't until 2002 that Jim made his strong religious beliefs known. While filming High crimes - Crimini di stato (2002), he refused to do any love scenes with on-screen wife Ashley Judd because it conflicted with his strong Catholic faith. It was also around this time when he was chosen by Mel Gibson to star as Jesus Christ in La passione di Cristo (2004).


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