Ivana Rumor

  • Born: (Venice, Veneto, Italy)
  • Died: (Portofino, Genoa, Liguria, Italy) age 95

Ivana Rumor was an Italian actress and circus performer.

During her youth she became a celebrity of the Goldonian vernacular, and later worked with Ruggero Ruggeri, Marta Abba, Alba Villa and Memo Benassi.

With the crisis of prose she recycled herself in the avanspettacolo, where she formed with her sister Liana the famous duo of the Rumor Sisters, who worked in the circus as dancers-acrobats-contortionists.

After the marriage and the birth of three children, her activity was severely limited, to stop definitively in 1956, when the nice Ivana Rumor decided to retire to private life.

Many years later, in the mid-seventies, Gino Bramieri remembered her, and hired her, together with Lina Gennari, Luisa Bixio, Ines Ferrari, Lia Ferri and Alba Villa to interpret one of the soubrettine of the show Felicibumta; the resounding return was followed by numerous appearances in theater, television and cinema, where she played the role of an elderly dietician in the film Oci ciornie, (1987), by Nikita Michalkov.


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