Lo Lieh

  • Born: (Pematang Siantar, Oostkust van Sumatra, Dutch East)
  • Died: (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China)

Aliases: įž…įƒˆ , Lo Lieh , Lo Liee, Luo Lie, Wong Lap-Dat, Joe Lee, Law Lik, Law Lit, Ro Re, Ro Rye, Lao Lit, Lo Lei, Luo Lieh, Law Lieed, Ro Lieh, Lo Lih, Loh Lieh, Wong Lit-Tat, Wong Laap-Daat, Wong Lap-Tat, Lo Lien, 나ė—´


Born in Indonesia to parents from Canton, Lo Lieh moved to Hong Kong when he was a teenager. He began his martial arts training in 1962 and joined the Shaw Brothers in the same year. He established himself with his rugged looks and violent looking martial art skills in The Invisible Fist. He filmed more than 70 movies at Shaw Brothers during his more-than-a-decade spell there.
Lo left Shaw Brothers to work in Taiwan in the early 80's and constantly worked as a freelance actor in some independent film productions. He returned to Hong Kong in the late 80's and joined ATV in a supporting role, and gradually faded out of the filming industry.


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