Runme Shaw

  • Born: (Zhenhai, Zhejiang, Qing China)
  • Died: (Singapore) (age 84)

Tan Sri Dr. Runme Shaw (Chinese: 邵仁枚; pinyin: Shào Rénméi) was the chairman and founder of the Shaw Organisation of Singapore. Runme Shaw and his brother, Run Run Shaw, together known as the Shaw Brothers, were pioneers in the film and entertainment industry in Singapore and Malaya, and brought to life the movie industry in Asia, especially the Southeast Asian region.

Runme Shaw was also a philanthropist who started the Shaw Foundation, a charitable organisation. In addition, Runme was the chairman and president of several government boards, and a patron of many organisations. As a result, Runme won many local and foreign awards for his philanthropic work and contribution to the movie industry in Southeast Asia.

Runme Shaw was married to Peggy, and had two sons (Vee King and Vee Fong) and four daughters (Doris, Vivien, Nora and Sylvia).

On 1 September 1982, in Singapore, Runme Shaw fell accidentally. Although he was able to walk home, he soon thereafter collapsed and went into a coma for two and a half years. On 2 March 1985, Runme Shaw died at the age of 84.


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