Maria Monti

  • Born: (Milan, Lombardy, Italy)

Maria Monti, pseudonym of Maria Monticelli, is an Italian singer-songwriter, stand-up comedian and actress.

Maria Monti began her acting career in the first half of the 1950s in the first Milanese cabarets, presenting the first songs written by her here. He then joined the company of Ugo Tognazzi and Lauretta Masiero, acting in 1955 in A Scandal for Lilly; of the same year is his first appearance on television, in the show Primo applauso.

In the following decades, however, she often worked with Paolo Poli, among others in the comedies Il Candioio (season 1964-1965) and Il diavolo (season 1972-1973). In 1959 she recited, again for television, in the TV episode La svolta pericolosa by Gianni Bongioanni. In 1960, together with her then partner Giorgio Gaber, she wrote Non arrossire, a famous song reinterpreted by many artists (including Claudio Baglioni in 2006).


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