Jane Powell

  • Born: (United States)

Jane Powell, born Suzanne Lorraine Burce (April 1, 1929 Portland, Oregon, USA), is an American actress, theater actress, singer and dancer, a prodigal girl and a film star of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer between the forties and fifties. For television he has taken part in various productions including soap operas and serials.

She was still a teenager when she started singing on the radio. She then worked in the theater before moving to the cinema in 1944 with a writing at Universal Studios. Her debut film was Song of the Open Road, shot when she was fifteen. The name of the character she played - Jane Powell - would then become, at the suggestion of MGM, her stage name. Also active in the theater, in 1954 she had great notoriety as an interpreter of Milly, the protagonist of the musical Sette spose per sette fratelli. Her name is entered among the Hollywood Walk of Fame celebrities at 6818 Hollywood Boulevard.


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