Curci Edizioni S.r.l.

Mainstay of Italian music publishing was born in 1860, on the initiative of the Avellinese Francesco Curci, who had developed the publishing company as a side activity to his musical instrument shop; after the disappearance in 1912 of its founder, the group passed to his son Pasquale, while his brother Achille, engraver, took care of the graphic aspect and the sister Concetta of the administration. With Pasquale, the company expanded, opening its offices in Rome and Milan in 1932, which would later become the main office, and on his death passed in 1938 to his sons alberto curci - also lyricist with the pseudonym Devilli -, Alfredo and Giuseppe. Alfredo's daughter, Clotilde, married Giuseppe Gramitto Ricci, who joined the company in 1960 gave birth to the Carosello record company, closely connected to the publishing house of origin, which then Giuseppe Gramitto Ricci took over in 1973, when Alfredo Curci died.


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